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SOFTWARE PSE - Experience

Concepts that we have worked on

Automated Backup System

Maintaining a frequent automated backup of both your file system and database snapshot decimates the risk of loosing business critical information. There is a great variety of options for this job and you can choose from either hardware and software solutions.

Barcode Labeling and Scanning Solutions

Barcodes can be used as an alternate rapid way of locating objects, people, reservations etc. We have implemented this concept mostly within corporate Inventory and Event Management Systems, however the applications are limitless. There are many standards to choose from depending on your goals and also a great variety of hardware options available.


"A picture is worth a thousand words." This is certainly true when you're presenting and explaining data. You can provide tables setting out the figures, and you can talk about numbers, percentages, and relationships forever. However, the chances are that your point will be lost if you rely on these alone. Put up a graph or a chart, and suddenly everything you're saying makes sense! Graphs or charts help people understand data quickly. Whether you want to make a comparison, show a relationship, or highlight a trend, they help your audience "see" what you are talking about.

Cloud Computing

The Cloud allows you to quickly and cost effectively grow your business without additional IT infrastructure and resources. Amazon S3, RackSpace are just two of many storage services for the Internet. The main benefits are scalability, improved accessibility, reduction of capital costs, remote access, easy setup and many more.

Content Management Systems

Mainly used on websites and web portals - it allows rapid access to revision every part of your content through a secure, private and easy to access environment; organize user roles, categories and filters, public or private access, download options, regional restrictions, content usage rights, schedule automated content distribution and many more.

Custom API development

Extending your current services with an API which acts as a platform independent communication bridge that allows remote interrogation and data exchange with other remote applications and services. A very frequent usage is the connection between e-commerce portals and supply chain management systems.

Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a widely implemented model for managing a company’s interactions with customers, clients, and sales prospects. To make the most of your daily customer interactions - whether on the web, by phone, or via mail - you need customer relationship management solutions. The right solution will help you both keep the customers you have and add new ones.

Customer Relationship Management Systems

A widely implemented model for managing a company’s interactions with customers, partners and sales prospects using technology to collaborate, organize, automate, and synchronize business processes.

Digital Address Book System

Standalone or inner-connected with other existing modules, a set of robust and flexible web services that allow you to manage every important detail about each of your contacts; organize into infinite categories and groups; track history, preferences and opportunities; support migrating to and from other existing software; easily integrate with other existing modules; selectively share the agenda across your entire organization for better collaboration and customer interactions.

Drupal Development

Drupal is a very flexible Content Management System, and already offer simple solutions for a wide variety of standards needs. However, you may occasionally require custom functionality and behaviors. We have considerable insight in module extending for both Drupal 6 and 7.

eCommerce Solutions

Give customers and business partners the ability to access products, information and services from any internet enabled device. Everything you need to get started in selling physical and digital goods over the Internet, from the Catalog frontend that is presented to your customers, to the Administration Tool backend that completely handles your products, customers, orders, and online store data.

Automate payment processing by integrating with secure online world-class online payment service providers - there are plenty options to choose from. We offer complete solutions from simple PayPal merchant integration to custom dynamic payment automation, subscription based payments, payments by SMS, online shipment processing and tracking, and custom development based on your business goals, practices and region-specific legal requirements or restrictions.

Email Marketing Services

Services like SocketLabs, Amazon SES, ACT!, SwiftPage, MailChimp and many others offer powerful email marketing services for your business. The benefits list includes: easy setup, scalability, cost-effectiveness, whitelist sender, API based access to delivery or bounceback report.

Integration of such services can be done by accessing API's or even directly through the SMTP or other standard protocols. These services are typically used to deliver massive volumes of emails by Software-as-a-Service providers and vendors, but also inside organizations, decimating additional IT infrastructure and resources expenses.

Excel, XML, JSON and CSV Handling

Excel, XML, CSV and JSON are frequently used to transport data between different environments, services and software packages. We provide complete solutions to parse and import, generate and export, alter and even structural repair such content.

Gateway System Development

Infrastructure concept mainly used in situations where a single environment is responsible for the storage of large amounts of data harvested from multiple locations, packed and ready to be served on demand. An usage example would be having multiple web stores that require access to the same content from a centralized location versus having multiple databases.

Graphical Pattern Recognition

Using computer vision software and web technologies, we have created a web-based solution that automatically extracts symbols from a map based on a pattern and locates all instances across multiple graphical files encoded in various formats, independent on size, color, rotation or skew angle.

Inventory Management Systems

Track and manage your local or international inventory; process orders, returns, loans, warehouse transfers and international transportation; integrate barcode or RFID labeling and scanning solutions for rapid delivery processing; gain detailed exposure, trend, product potential and other business critical reports in the blink of an eye.

Large Scale Business Portals

Web pages are not completely self-referential anymore, but allow for personalization, workflow, notification, knowledge management and group ware, infrastructure functionality, and integration of information and applications. The idea of a portal is to collect information from different sources and create a single point of access to information - a library of categorized and personalized content. It is very much the idea of a personalized filter into the web.

Location Aware Applications

By obtaining information about a visitor's geographical location, we can show them the nearest points of interest, adjust the system's language and locale settings, calculate the eligibility of free-shipment, redirect them to different sections of the system, force region based restrictions and many more. Location aware content is becoming ubiquitous in online services, eCommerce, media, social networks and multilingual portals - and aim to enhance user experience but also to direct customers towards region-specific commercial opportunities.

Media Encoding and Streaming

Superior know-how on online audio and video streaming, alongside practical solutions for high capacity upload handling, mass uploads, parallel processing, load balancing, content management, encoding shift, selective range output, re-sampling and down-sampling, generation of previews (shorts), author watermarking, broadcasting, sampling in different formats for cross platform accessibility.

Online Media Distribution Solutions

From simple HTML or Flash based galleries to complex online feature packed eCommerce portal with solutions for both graphical, audio and video media authoring, re-sampling and down-sampling, segmentation, watermarking, encoding conversion, streaming, integration with content distribution networks and robust analytics for any implementation.

RFID Labeling and Scanning

The Radio Frequency Identification Tag is a wireless, non-contact system that uses radio-frequency electromagnetic fields to transfer data from a tag attached to an object, for the purposes of automatic identification and even tracking. RFID tags are used in many industries and represent the next big step after barcodes, making the process more efficient. Transferring goods from a business location to another could be accompanied by a RFID tag containing detailed specification about each individual item, transactional notes, security codes and other vital details. RFID Tags can also be included within custom identification cards for short distance automatic detection and further used in automating various processes such as opening gates, announcing your presence in a conference, digitally guiding you towards a point of interest and many more.

Social Networking Integration

Social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Thumblr and many other offer an environment that allows you to keep in touch with friends and family around the world as well as making new connections with people based on similar interests, educational backgrounds or professions.

On a business level, integration with social networks became an essential marketing tool used to distribute content and create rapid exposure, easily obtain valuable product or service feedback, enhance customer experience, drive more traffic to websites and increase the overall chances of attracting new customers to your business.

Software as a Service

Software delivery model where the software and associated data are centrally shored on the cloud, providing easy to access collaborative functionality, used frequently in accounting, customer relationship management (CRM), enterprise resource planning (ERP), human resource management (HRM), content management systems (CMS). Our greatest achievement in the web development industry is a SaaS platform tailored specifically for the Fashion and PR industries, which is currently the leader on several continents.

Supply-chain Management Systems

Aided to streamline the full circuit between inter-connected businesses involved in the provision of product and services required by the end customers, span the movement and storage of all raw materials, detailed local and global inventory, distribution functions, and detailed history reports of finished goods from point of origin to point of consumption.

Text, video and voice based chat systems

Sending quick emails to update someone on an event or important information, sending instant messages and traditional text-based chat rooms have paved the way for what has become a popular way for many people to share ideas and discuss various topics. Voice chatting is the mesh between the cellular world and those old-fashioned, text-based chat rooms. The capability to establish voice chats around video gaming systems has increased the demand the popularity of voice chatting allowing people from across the country and around the globe to link together and talk while playing various games.

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From Experience

RFID Labeling and Scanning: Radio Frequency Identification used in many industries for automatic identification, tracking and various other purposes.

Content Management Systems: Allows easy, private and secure access and mentenance of your content.

Gateway System Development: Environments responsible for the storage of large amounts of data harvested from multiple locations.