We have the technological skill-set to provide enterprise level solutions, connecting you to infinite possibilities.

Our goal is to identify, analyze, craft and implement practical solutions adapted exclusively to your business model.


Custom Web Application Development

By combining our solid cross-domain experience, technological insight and an established development methodology, we can target application development tailored to your exact business requirements.

We provide solutions that streamline your workflow; enhance customer experience; consolidate organizational procedures; extend the boundaries of your exposure; organize and distribute rich content; track and manage staff efficiency, product exposure and market trends; systemize daily operations; connects you to a world of infinite possibilities.

Standard software applications come wrapped in packages that offer a generic set of features and functionality. Your business model and practices define you and may imply an unique approach. Investing within a custom application might be more expensive than existing solutions but the result goes beyond all boundaries - the only limit is your imagination.

Migration, Reengineering and Enhancement

Today's technologies evolve at a rate never before seen and sometimes moving your existing application towards a new platform has significant impact on scalability, speed, security, ease of use and even ease of extensibility.

We provide all services required in porting applications to new environments; changing database engines and server-side technologies based on actual usage and future goals; data migration; and even desktop to web application conversion.

We also provide reverse-engineering services where we identify every detail and extract the very best features of existing systems and understand their technical architecture and business functionality before implementing within your desired environment. By doing a solid analysis of existing solutions alongside your business model - we are able to introduce enhanced business logic and functionality, improved performance and better user experience.

Software Consulting Services

Bringing your business online today is a must in an effective business development strategy. When starting a new journey with web technologies or looking to enhance existing solutions - choosing the right approach requires a profound analysis of your goals alongside the benefits and boundaries of today's technological choices.

By working closely with you and understanding every aspect of your vision, we can identify the perfect package adapted exclusively to your demands - whether you are looking for scalability, speed, security, extensibility, cost-effectiveness or all of them combined.

We devise strategies that help you become operationally responsive - driving greater efficiency, reducing risk and capitalizing on new opportunities while enjoying a sustainable growth rate.

Application and Service Integration

We offer consulting, planning, implementation and technical support services for a wide range of third-party applications that are feature-packed as turnkey solutions to quickly achieve specific business needs.

Some of the most frequently used third-party solutions are: content management systems, content authoring, international shipment services, secure and trustworthy online payment processing, news feeds, link and banner exchange, social sharing, cloud computing and content distribution network, server replication automation, multimedia processing, remote email delivery systems, website analytics.

You can even connect to remote systems that offer you solutions for enterprise resource planning, customer relationship management, supply-chain management and many more.

Software Prototyping Services

Independent software vendors and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provides often require software prototyping services before engaging a long-term investment. Prototyping has several benefits in software development when used either as a stand-alone approach or a visual aid to complement software requirements specification.

Prototyping implies simulating business process automation, evaluating system behavior and impact on business performance and collectively defining goals alongside realistic delivery schedules in order to dramatically minimize development risks.

Social Network Integration

Social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and MySpace are great ways of keeping in touch with friends and family around the world as well as making new connections with people based on similar interests, educational backgrounds or professions.

On a business level, integration with social networks became an essential marketing tool used to create rapid exposure, easily obtain valuable product or service feedback, enhance customer experience, drive more traffic to websites and increase the overall chances of attracting new customers to your business.

Audit, Testing and Maintenance

Software audit and testing services for your existing web application that include: requirements versus actual functionality reporting; code efficiency and limitations review; code extensibility analysis; system vulnerability scan; GUI/UX review; HTML standards compliance; performance, stability, load and scalability analysis.

We also provide maintenance services aimed to ensure uninterrupted stability of your system; automate data backup processes; preserve data fidelity; balancing server load; identify server-side problems and resolutions; adapt environment setting based on actual load and usage; keep content up to date and even update content on-demand.

Custom eCommerce Solutions

Explore a new dimension of commercial opportunities - the Internet, and give your customers the ability to access premium content, products and services with ease from virtually any device that has an internet connection. Manage all of your content at the click of a mouse and distribute it in seconds to the entire world.

You can even connect your online eCommerce portal to an existing inventory or supply-chain management software - streamlining the entire workflow. We can implement a wide variety of third-party solutions for online payment processing, international shipment services, subscription services, auction systems and storefront management systems.

Corporate Identity and Website Design

Using modern design tools and techniques we can create appealing, responsive and easily accessible designs built to make an impact for your targeted audience and highlight your uniqueness on the web. When you are facing a potentially global audience proper branding is vital and can have a profound impact on the market - most importantly it can result in greater sales.

Our approach implies an appealing and professional style with clean, easy to read typography approach; a logical, consistent and easy to understand layout; a defined set of color swatches used consistently in all environments; dedicated attention to accessibility from various devices.

Search Engine Optimization

Through search engine optimization you can increase the visibility of your website and obtain greater traffic, increasing the probability of sales and returning customers. Optimizing a website for search engines may involve editing its contents and HTML and associated coding to both increase its relevance to specific keywords and to remove barriers to the indexing activities of search engines.

The services that we offer in this include keyword research, pre-launch and post-launch optimization, website analytics, friendly URL integration; sitemap and RSS feed generators, keyword ranking reporting, publishing of content to search engines both on-demand and automated, and many more.


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